How about I let Frank introduce himself. Hope you are okay with that. Stage is yours dear Frank.

- I’m Fugazi, Frank Fugazi.
- I'm not an apparel nor a sleek trend. I'm a message.
- The message out to the world revealing all those FUGAZI values of these days …all coming at ya with a grain of salt, sarcasm & graphics to it
- Simple as that.
- Oh, and one more thing. If you find it offensive that’s good, at least I know I hit another nail in the coffin.

I bet Frank made quite an impression. Being sarcastic, true, fun & bold isn't quite appreciated most of the time.

Besides his italian roots, his name is like an exhibit of contradiction, The Fugazi - fake things and on the other his first name commits him to Frank(ly) speak the truth and nothing but the truth. So be aware!