Frictionless Systems

Do you ever feel like you get “in the zone?” It's that feeling where you do something for hours, but it feels like minutes. That feeling is called “flow.” Frictionless systems is offering workshops and consulting, followed up by wearable sensor tech, to help businesses help their employees find flow by lowering your "coefficient of friction”.

logo deconstruction
full in b&W
Color palette

The whole symbol construction allows us to create other partial, sub-brand materials and elements which help to determine brands language, its uniqueness & consistency. Play on physics, where the coefficient is represented by the Greek letter - μ. Visually decomposes into “co” and “efficient” = working more efficiently together.

Reflects the brain which is an important projection of conditions of underload, flow, and overload. Some brain regions become more active, while others become less active.


With the new identity we created a solid ground for new visual direction used across the whole website. Significant elements help to increase brand awareness, establishing a unique look and viewer-wise direct the eye, flow and impression from top to the bottom. Live version build in Webflow here.